Welcome to Groen Vlaams-Brabant

Groen Vlaams-Brabant (the ecological party in Flemish Brabant) works to build a province that is greener and healthier. We want our children and grandchildren to breathe clean air and ride their bikes along safe roads. We go for a healthy environment: more nature, less concrete. That's how we deal with climate change and it's effects. Renewable energy has to become available for all. To achieve that, we join forces with local businesses. 


  • We extend our province's natural areas. They cool us down during scorching summer days and absorb excess water after heavy rainfall to prevent flooding of our towns and cities. That's how we combat climate change.
  • We modernise agriculture and businesses to make them allies of nature instead of adversaries. We invest in renawable energy and digitisation. 
  • We evolve toward an agricultural model that uses up less water. Modern, environmentally friendly agricultural ideas earn our support. Small family businesses that fill our tables with healty food, those are the people we rally behind.
    We team up with businesses to make their processes and infrastructure more ecologically sound.


  • Cleaner air and less cars, that's our motto. Cyclists and pedestrians are the future, we treat them as such. That's how we make the roads of Flemish Brabant safer and it's air healthier. We make sure they have a safe and extensive network of roads tailored to them to get around.
  • Widening the Ring around Brussels is not a solution to the traffic issue in and around our capital. A Ring with more lanes, will only attract more traffic. The air we breathe will become even more polluted, and in a few years all of us will be stuck in traffic once more.
  • Public transportation is the key to reducing the number of cars on the road. We need to reinforce our public transportation system with more connections and better equipment. The more people we can offer a viable alternative to their car, the more will take advantage of it.

Open space

  • We keep the open space of Flemish Brabant by building intelligently and by focusing on efficiency. Our province is a nice place to live, by being clever about construction, we keep it that way.
  • We protect open space at all costs. We need natural areas to purify our air, to cool our region down and to protect our towns from flooding. Our citizens need space to walk and relax.
  • We densify our city centers. We look into new and revolutionary living ideas. Rural areas stay rural, the solution is not to overwhelm our small towns with concrete high rises.
  • The airport in Zaventem is an important economic player in the region. It cannot, however, grow indefinitly because of its location. We look for solutions that unite economy and quality of life.


  • Our ideal economy is a local one. We produce close to home, as often as we can. At the same time we trade fairly with the South. Fairtrade benefits producer as well as customer.
  • We make sure not to let any ressource go to waste. We share with our family, friends and neighbours instead of buying every single item ourselves. We support reuse and upcycling. We pay for services and not stuff: a laundry cycle in a shared machine rather than a washing machine.
  • Digitisation continues to be a top priority for us. We make sure everyone can be a part of it, no one will be left behind. We tackle social, economic and ecological issues with cutting-edge technology.